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Corporate Office
3030 LBJ Freeway
Suite 600
Dallas, TX 75234

Investor Relations
Phone: 972.888.7495
Fax: 972.888.7717
What is the ticker symbol and on what exchange is the stock traded?
ClubCorp Holdings, Inc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “MYCC.”

What is the CUSIP number for the common stock?
CUSIP: 18948M 108 

How can I purchase MYCC common stock?

You can purchase MYCC common stock through a licensed broker.

Is there a Direct Stock Purchase Plan?

ClubCorp does not offer a direct stock purchase plan. You can purchase MYCC common stock through a licensed broker. 

Who is the transfer agent and how do I contact them?
ClubCorp's transfer agent is Computershare. The transfer agent can help you with a variety of shareholder-related services including change of address, stock transfer, account status and other administrative services.

You can contact Computershare at 1-800-851-9677
Overnight Mail: Regular Mail:
Computershare, Inc. Computershare, Inc.
250 Royall Street P.O. Box 43078
Canton, MA 02021 Providence, RI 02940

When do your fiscal quarters and year end?
The Company's fiscal year consists of a 52/53 week period ending on the last Tuesday of December. Our first, second and third quarters each consist of 12 weeks while our fourth quarter consists of 16 or 17 weeks.

Who is ClubCorp’s independent auditor?
ClubCorp's independent registered public accounting firm is Deloitte & Touche LLP.

How can I be notified of upcoming financial releases?
Click here to sign up for investor email alerts.

Who can I contact for additional questions that have not been answered?
Please submit your question directly to investor relations at  

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